HypeGolf Essentials - Michael Huynh of Students Golf

For our latest installment of Essentials, we speak with Michael Huynh, the founder of golf lifestyle label Students Golf.

Students Golf promote and provoke the emotional struggles through their love, addiction and confessionals with golf. Students’ inspirations are drawn from conversations and results on the golf course. Students Golf is known for their juxtaposition of colorful and dark take on graphics that speaks about your average golfer's struggles and emotions in golf.

Follow us below as Michael Huynh showcases his golf equipment, including essentials, carrying options and on-course shenanigans.

After a long round of golf, all I think about is taking off my golf shoes and jumping into some Lusso Clouds. I have arthritis, and I've found that these work better than orthopedic slippers!


Always come prepared with a camera! I never know what type of content or debauchery I am going to get into. I really love the quality and ease of my Fuji digital.


Ya'll might laugh about this... but when you have that itch—that nook in the corner of your back you cannot get to—this handy back scratcher will satisfy you beyond belief.


I am truly lucky to have friends at higher places. Over the years, I've been able to collect ball markers from some of the top bucket list courses across the country. I'm really superstitious, and one way that manifests is by needing to use a ball marker from the course I'm playing. For me, it's really bad luck to use another course's ball marker: the land will not grant me birdies if I disrespect it like that. It's like bringing cookies to your mom's house when you know she makes super delicious cookies herself—why would you even do that?


To carry all my crap, you need a trusty tote bag. Fortunately, we make a really reliable one. Studies show a higher made-putt percentage when this tote is on the course. Do yourself a favor.


I always come prepared with my meds. Those that know me, my health has declined a lot over the years. I’ve been diagnosed with severe auto-immune diseases. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints, and some mornings are unbearable. But once I pop my Advil and adhere some Aspercreme, I am suddenly good to go! As for the zip ties you might wonder? You never know how they'll come in handy! Trust!


Shouts to my friends at Calamari and Quiet Golf for styling me out with endless tees. I'll never go to the course without tees—EVER.


Now let's talk about that money. I've learned over the years to always bring a money pouch with multiple bills... combinations of 20s, 50s, and 100s. Maybe up to $1,500. You never know what kind of money game you're going to get into. My friend Stephen Malbon said it correct, "If you want to get better at golf, throw some money on the line. You'll learn how to get good real quick." I swear by it. And if you don’t have enough cash, Venmo or Zelle is always welcome too. 

For some reason, I lose a lot more money sitting at a 6-7 handicap than I do at a 11-13 handicap. Call the Sandbaggers Administrative Bureau if you want.


In order to keep stashing money in my PXG money pouch, I'll need a trusty range finder. I've always used Bushnell—I started out with the high-end models, but I always end up losing them (11 in the past 6 years). Finally, I landed on the Bushnell V4 Tour model with Slope. A good $300 investment will win you some money.


I am not a long hitter, so I could use all the distance I can get. I've always trusted the Titleist AVX balls, which is perfect for a slow-mid swing speed like mine. Gotta love it when you hit a full wedge and it zips back around the hole, and the AVX marry distance with feel around the greens in the best way. Shouts to my family at Titleist for always lacing me up!


Depending on who I play with, I always bring my GoPro camera. You never know what kind of debauchery you'll get into. I just want to show a side of golf that people don't typically see on TV. I have some ridiculously funny friends, so I'm always ready to capture the jokes and stories.



Call me old, but I always play the same playlist on Spotify over and over. Check out "Good Vibes" or "Gold School" or follow me on Spotify @studentsgolf. This JBL clip-on bluetooth speaker does the job! Enough to hear, but not enough to piss off other groups on the course.


Here's the money maker! I literally have 50+ putters in the stable, but what I've ended up trusting the most over the years is my Titleist Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 putter. I have a bag at each of my club’s storage and they all have the same putter. I got lucky when I purchased them at $700 each... I think they are worth at least $3,000 now! This combo comes with a Stability Tour shaft along with a Super Stroke Wrist Lock putter grip. It can't get any better than this!


I don’t hit greens often, so my Miura wedges come in handy all the time. I've stuck with the Miura K-Grinds in 52, 56, and 60. Miura is notoriously one of the best forgers in the world, and it shows on the course—they're so dialed! My wedges are shafted with Fujikura Pro 95i shafts with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grips.


I use a split set for my irons. My Pw-7 are Miura CB-1008s and my 6-4 are PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons with Fujikura Pro 75i shafts, finished with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grips.


What has stayed in my bag over the years are Callaway woods. Like my putter rotation, I have 20+ drivers, but I’ve stuck with Callaways, due to the feel, sound and technology. I am currently using a Callaway Epic Max 10.5 driver with Graphite Design AD-IZ 5 Stiff shaft, finished with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip. As for my hybrid, its a Callaway Mavrik 3 Hybrid with Graphite Design AD-IZ 5 Regular shaft, finished with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip. My headcovers are from Miura. Something about the Miura logo looks like the Yankees logo (don't hate).


To carry everything I've just mentioned, I put my faith in my friend Cole Young's latest project with Jones Sports Co. This bag by far is one of the nicest light bag on the market. The 3-way divider is smart enough where the clubs will not collide with each other. Cole went through the Jones archives and brought these back out to the market. I just wish that it had was a top cover in case of rainy days or for nosy dudes who wanna inspect with my bag while I go wash up.  

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