Students Field Testing Program

Calling all field scientists!

The Program

Students is committed to enhancing the quality of our products and promoting our global network of associates through the launch of the Students Field Testing Program. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our products meet our high standards of performance and comfort by taking them out of the design studio and into the real world.

Our initial group of Field Testers will represent diverse lifestyles and provide valuable feedback on our range of apparel, soft goods, hard goods, equipment, and more. By incorporating this feedback into our research, development, and design processes, we will continue to improve our products.

"The Grip Says It All" Campaign

The final hand shake is affirmation.

Field Test Program: Cabretta Gloves

Lesson 1: Most Fundamental Is Grip. And we mean that methamorphically. You gotta try to have a grip on everything you do or touch, right? Wrong, we think its more fun when you're figuring it out along the way. And thats exactly what we're trying to do with our program.

We have tested our gloves for seasons before launching the "The Grip Says It All" campaign And we're still refining as we go and we would like your help.

Whether you're about to tee off with someone new or your best friends or when you finish a round, theres always that new hand-shake or fist bump. You can tell a lot about one's character through their hand-shake. Well, we want to see yours in exchange for a Premium Cabretta Glove from us! Yeah, thats right... a free glove in exchange for some reviews and social posts.


- Think of your signature hand-shake.

- Take a photo of you wearing your glove, similar to our example. Edited photos are recommended.

- Tag us @studentsgolf and post onto your IG story or IG post.

- If IG Story, post once a day for 3 days.

- If IG Post it has to stay on your feed for more than 7 days.

- All testers must post within 3 weeks after receiving products.

- Anyone who receives products as part of the Field Testing Program and does not participate within our rules, will be banned indefinitely (haha)

Are you ready?

Click "Apply Now" and create an account. Not all applicants will be awarded into our Field Testing Program. You will be notified within 72 hours after applying.