Our Vision

What its like to be a Student

Listen, we get it. We really do. You just want to wake up early and have your place in the sun. Your meditation to get you through. We all have vices and this one is ours.

Golf is hard. Your handicap index is stagnant, and your swing coach just wants to sell endless lessons. Your friends also claim they shoot low when you’re not present and nothing can stop your unbreakable foursome. Inside of us lies a burning desire to continue to learn the game more each day so we can kick our peer’s ass, but realism is what we face as amateurs of the game. Be a student of the game and one day you shall master the game of golf. Students promote and provoke the emotional struggles through our love, addiction and confession for golf. Students’ inspirations are drawn from conversations and results on the golf course.

Students is a fashion golf brand out of Los Angeles, California. Students aims to inject, inspire the energy and style of youth cultures as an alternative to the stodginess of golf apparel and industry.


Michael Huynh



The name “Students” was inspired by the idea of a golfer submitting oneself to the game of golf. To fully learn and become a great golfer, one must give dedication, commitment and perseverance to the game.

Without first becoming a student, one will never become truly a master.

The + & - symbols represents what you, as an individual, patron and golfer..give and take from the game.

It also represents your score, under or over par.