Students Golf Club

For the brave, persevered and dedicated student.

The Students Golf Club is dedicated to hosting monthly tournaments at beautiful golf courses including Country Clubs throughout America and beyond. We are in association with USGA and SCGA to host athletes, celebrities, tastemakers, industry leaders, creatives, entertainers and dedicated golfers like yourself.

We'll have grandiose prizes for our tournaments. Heck, we'll even have skins games for those who are degenerate enough!

Regardless, our game is to foster the exciting energy thats happening in golf right now. Its in such a great place!!!



What you could expect by joining Students Golf Club


We'll be hosting different formats like Individual NET Stroke Play, 2-Man Scrambles, etc. We'll have $ games and prize games.

Members-Only Products

Only the best! You get access to exclusive products including non-public products and collaborations.

Social Clubs

We'll be hosting private events only to our club members with guest speakers from leading industries and entrepreneurs.


Out of the gates, you'll be receiving a welcome package only exclusive to our first time members! This alone is worth the annual fee!

How Can I Join?

We know you're excited, but hol'up.

First things first.

- Apply to Students Golf Club
- Get approval from our board members
- Receive a Welcome package from Students Golf Club
- Join our monthly tournaments exclusive to Students Golf Club members only


Letter From The Founder

What's up!

I am happy you've made it this far down the page.

Once your application has been reviewed by our board members, we'll send you a Welcome package and an invoice to initiate your membership. This will grant you access to our club. Please remember that this is an INVITE-ONLY club. Just know the Welcome package alone is going to be dope ( ;

Heck, maybe one day you'll even see golf brand versus golf brand. 20 versus 20 in different flights. That would be sick!!!

Or you can have your shot at kicking my butt to a Nassau game ( ; Come find me! Come find money!!!

I am ecstatic to have you.



Michael Huynh
Founder of Students Golf


We get it. It's a commitment.

How much is the membership initiation fee?

To join our Students Golf Club, we bill an annual fee of $200 per year.

When does my membership start?

Your membership will start the moment your application is approved. Your membership will be billed again on the same day the following year.

Can a family member or friend participate in my membership?

Your membership is only granted for you. However we do host events, tournaments and gatherings where your family or friend can co-attend with you.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can log into your account and cancel your membership with us. However if the membership is full, you'll be on the queue until a position opens up. We recommend that you cancel your membership close to the renewal date so you can reap the perks and rewards of your already paid membership.

How often do you host tournaments?

Currently we are looking at a monthly tournament.

I have additional questions regarding membership

Please do not hesitate to email us at with any questions you may have.